No Nonsense Cookery

Miss Lilly didn’t much hold with fancy cookery. She stuck to making ‘proper’ food with fierce pride, a bit of cheek, and a fair amount of sherry. She measured by feel, mixed by hand, and passed on her recipes to a select few. The founder of Miss Lilly’s Kitchen, her grandson, was one of them.

So today we make her pies and  rolls with the same no-nonsense approach. The rich, savoury fillings are made with real meat and our pastry isn’t stingy on the shortening. Our sweet treats follow the seasons and are sweet enough without any modern day nasties added. We’ve made sure that our products are free-range and pasture-fed and where possible locally produced,  just as it was back in the day. We believe in knowing who our suppliers and producers are so that we can trace our products back to the farm that it lived out its happy days on.


We Source The Best Produce

At MLK we think that if the animals are free to roam about on green pastures in the sparkling sunshine, then this will ultimately be reflected in the quality of meat and we pride ourselves on being part of the paddock-to-plate way of thinking. We use the best quality ingredients and know who and where our produce is sourced from. Our meat is all pasture-fed and all of our meat, poultry and eggs are  free-range and free from hormones, chemical additives, and nitrates. We create our own pastry, stocks and sauces using these same quality ingredients. Our vegetables are all sourced either from NSW or Australia, even our honey is sourced from Sydney city.

For Piece of Mind

To ensure freshness, your scrumptious pie is cooked and immediately frozen, then safely packaged for transportation and storage at the markets.

Northern Beaches Market

Every Friday, 8am – 1pm

Pittwater Rugby Park, 1472 Pittwater Road, Warriewood

Bondi Farmer’s Market

Every Saturday, 9am – 1pm

Bondi Beach Public School, Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach


Please get in touch with Stuart if you have any enquiries. Or check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest news, events and flavour creations. Download a mlk-menu for more info.